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Private studio.

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Customized Facial
60 Minutes

Consultation followed by a customized treatment personalized to YOUR skin. During this treatment quality enzymes and serums are used to enhance your glow and retore your skin.

** reccommended for first time clients**

Full Body Scrub
60 minutes

A Full body exfoliation with your choice of a dry brush or wet scrub. This service will help to improve your blood flow, tighten skin, and also remove dead skin cells.

*shower and a shower sponge are included.*

Please bring your own bath towel and toiletries to appointment.

 Sauna Steam
15 minute minimum 

This service is to help you relax while also providing healing properties to the body. Sauna's help with improving sleep, immune system, circulation, reduces stress, increases your metabolism and help with weight loss, and it detoxifies the body.

*shower is included* Please bring your own towel, washcloth, and toiletries to appointment.

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